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Kamal Mittal

Kamal Mittal started his career as an Agent with Insurance Industry in January 1999. Soon he became one of the leading Salesmen in the Industry. He Qualified for MDRT(USA) more than once and started to enlighten and educate people through his hands on Experience of more than 5 years of selling a product, such as Insurance, which is considered to be the most difficult exercise in the feild of Selling.

Even in the field of Insurance Business Insurance was his Specialty.

Having understood the need of Indian Investor, Kamal Mittal formulated Strategies for Financial Excellence of an Individual.  This lead to a phase where he was considered by his Peers, Friends & Collegues as a Master of Financial Planning. He is also among the first centurions in India to qualify as RFC (Registered Financial Consultant). Art of Leveraging was Kamal Mittal’s Forte through which he generated good amount of wealth for his Clients.

When the markets had crashed in 2008, Kamal Mittal’s Portfolio’s and his Clients were well insulated and protected against the onslaught of recession. This was possible due to his all round planning and expertise in the area of Financial Leveraging.

Today Kamal Mittal has a Clientele base which is Financially Sound, Secure and earning regularly through his planned Investment Strategies. He runs Educational Programs on different subjects of Finance and Wealth Generation. People from all walks of Life, travel from different parts of the country to attend these programs and benefit from them.